Interior Painting: Some Things To Consider

Though it is just a color, paint can quickly and easily transform a space by offering a fresh look without having to break the bank. Regardless of whether your painting project is part of a much more extensive home remodeling project or you are just wanting to focus on sprucing up a couple of the rooms in the house, there are a few considerations that you will want to keep in mind.


Natural and artificial light both have a profound effect on the ability of a paint color to change the appearance of a room. For instance, if you are painting a room that faces the north, the warm glow from the natural light can cause dark shades to become darker and light colors to become more subtle. Different types of artificial lights can have varying effects like fluorescent bulbs create a calm and bluish haze that is complementary to blue and green paint colors. Incandescent lights put off a warm and yellowish glow, while halogen light bulbs are the closest to that of natural light.

Wall Texture

If you have interior walls with rough textures like knockdown, lace, swirl, or spray-sand drywall finishes, the color will appear darker. The pits and grooves in the texture will create small shadows that create these darker results. In comparison, smooth walls will make paint colors look lighter. Have a painter assess your walls and provide input as to which color and type of paint would be best at creating the look you would like to achieve.


Color can have a surprising impact on your mood. For instance, blue hues tend to have a soothing effect, whereas red shades can contribute to irritation and sometimes anger. So, as you choose paint colors for your interior space, make sure that you consider the mood of each room. For instance, you may want to maintain a neutral or elegant white shade for the living room and soft hues of yellow, orange, and pink that can help to promote coziness and relaxation in the bedroom.


If you intend on painting the kids' rooms, you will need to take stains into mind. Crayons, dirt, and various other stains can show up easily on light-colored walls, but dark shades can make the space seem like a cave or even scare some children. So, you will want to consider medium-colored paints that are washable, which will create a calming atmosphere that can be easily cleaned.

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