7 Ideas To Add Excitment To Your Backyard

Investing in backyard design services is a great way to give your property more style and life. Before you contact a custom backyard designer, though, it's a good idea to develop some sense of what you want to do. Here are 7 suggestions that will make your home's backyard more functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Some of the weakest backyard designs are driven by straight lines. Adding some curves to the space can make a huge difference. For example, you might add a kidney-shaped raised garden to break up a space that's too linear. A curvy walkway is also an excellent choice as it can guide the eye through the yard.

Adding Color with Plants

There's nothing wrong with greenery, but you can use flowers and seasonal trees to give the backyard a little more pizzazz. A bright-red Amur maple, for example, will be an absolute stunner in the fall when its leaves turn.

Mix and match colors, too. Sprigs of purple flowers next to yellow ones, for example, can create a sense of visual coordination.

Water Features

You don't have to create a full-size pond to have water in your backyard. Even a tiny pond can add interest by creating reflections. It's also a good place to put fish.

Add running water to develop the auditory experience of being in the backyard, too. You can install a fountain if you're not interested in a pond.

Outdoor Dining

Creating a small cove in the backyard where you can set up some tables and eat is an excellent choice. You don't have to dine on the patio, either. With the right choice of chairs and a table designed to hold up against the elements, you can dine in a grassy area. Walls and shrubs can also box the dining space in for privacy.


Going vertical is a wonderful way to invigorate a boring backyard. Arbors allow climbing plants to get vertical. You can create walls of greenery, and it's possible to install a walkway with an arch, too.


Hanging outdoor lighting will let you make use of the yard for more of the evening. Especially in regions that have brutally hot days, lighting the backyard may be the only way to enjoy the cooler hours.


If you live along the side of a hill, a retaining wall can also be a functional solution that keeps soil, dirt, and rocks in place. A stone fence will provide a rustic look, too.

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