Seawall Design And Installation Or Repair Access

A bayside home that sits on top of a grassy knoll could provide an idyllic retreat for you and your spouse to spend your retirement. Before purchasing this type of residence, it is essential to determine if flooding could become an issue. Choosing to have an existing seawall repaired or resurfaced or having an entirely new seawall installed around the perimeter of the property will prevent erosion and will block water from accumulating.

A Seawall Can Potentially Save You Money

When you are settled into your new home, you may have plans to install new lawn decorations or water features and may be so caught up in the process of remodeling your property that you won't be focused on the uncertainties that lie ahead. Hurricanes are a big threat during the summer and fall, and living along the coast is vastly different than residing in a home that is located inland.

With flooding waters, a series of threats can be experienced, including soil or sand being washed away from your yard, flooding in both your yard and inside parts of your home, and permanent damage to materials that are not waterproof. A seawall is a barrier that will protect your investment and may eliminate the need to have your property or home refurbished during the course of your ownership.

An Assessment Will Be Performed

When you hire a marine construction crew, they will initially assess your property to determine the type of soil that is on the land, the slope of your property, and whether or not there are any barriers that would require a specific seawall design to be installed. For instance, if there is a dock that connects to your property, the seawall design will need to have a break in it, to accommodate the dock.

Additionally, if you decide to have any features installed on your property that could interfere with a standard seawall design, an alternate setup may be proposed. If the property provides ample room for machinery and the drainage is sufficient for a standard concrete seawall, the construction crew will be able to install the wall from land.

If your property consists of a steep incline and there is very little room for machinery to fit near the edge of the property, a new seawall may need to be installed from the water. This same type of scenario will apply to an existing wall that is being repaired. With an installation or a repair that is being made via the water, a marine construction crew will perform the installation while aboard a watercraft.

Contact a seawall design company, such as Reuben Clarson Consulting, to learn more.

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