Septic Tank and Drainfield Maintenance Recommendations for Your Property

Your home septic system is an integral part of your house and property, as it maintains your home's waste in a proper manner to keep it out of waterways and from causing flow back into your home. Your septic system is its own septic treatment system that you need to take care of regular maintenance and protect it from damage due to too much or the wrong waste getting pumped into it. However, problems can arise with your septic system despite your best efforts, so here are some recommendations to help you keep your home's septic system tank and drain lines in great working condition.

Protect Your Drain Field

Your septic tank drain field needs to be kept in good condition so it can drain the wastewater from your septic tank. Your drain field lines need to be able to keep up with the water demand draining from your septic tank, so it is a good idea to do what you can so you don't overwhelm the drain field lines. 

Watch your water usage and don't allow your tank to get too full of solid waste. It's important that you have your tank pumped every few years as needed. This will keep solid waste from building up and as a result, leaking into the drain field lines and blocking the openings.

Be sure that your rain gutters do not drain water onto your drain field site. This will cause too much saturation in the soil and cause your lines to back up into your home when the weather is rainy. 

You should also watch where you plant trees in your yard. Keep any tree growth positioned clear of your tank and drain field lines. The roots from your trees can grow into the septic system to cause damage and problems with home backups.

Handle Drain field Repairs Promptly

If you discover your drain field lines are damaged either from tree roots or surface soil vehicle traffic, or they are clogged from an overflowing tank, you can hire a septic professional to get your system repaired or cleaned and back to working properly. Your septic professional can clean out your drain lines and inspect them for damage. 

You might find there are tree roots within the drain field that have clogged or broken apart your drain field pipe. They can use an auger to remove the tree roots and a septic pressure sprayer to clean out the interior of the lines of any waste build-up or clogs. 

For more information, contact septic tank drain field repair companies. 

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