Should You Install Your Own Home Siding?

Early fall is an ideal time for homeowners who are considering new siding for their homes. Getting your siding installed now allows you to avoid the struggles of cold-weather installation while allowing you to reap the benefits of your climate control improvements through the winter. However, if you're thinking about installing the siding on your own, it's important that you understand why it's best to seek professional home siding installation instead. Here's a look at some of the things you should know about why it's best to have your siding professionally installed.

Siding Installation Requires Special Tools

One of the things that many people don't think about when they consider installing vinyl siding on their own is the fact that installing siding typically requires tools. You'll need special tools for trimming, mounting, and securing siding. Additionally, you'll need to have some special equipment for installing your siding at height.

Most homeowners aren't equipped with the supplies needed for proper and safe installation. Acquiring the tools you'll need could prove just as costly as opting for professional installation, but won't save you any time.

Self-Installation Sacrifices Warranty Protection

One of the great things about having your home's new siding professionally installed is the fact that most installation contractors offer a warranty on the work that they do. That means that you can turn to your installation contractor to fix it, in the rare instance that there's a problem with your siding after the installation.

If you install the siding on your own, you won't have that option. Instead, you're going to be left to do the repairs yourself if there's a problem. If you can't do the repair on your own, you may find that you're facing higher costs when you call a contractor because they will have to address any mistakes you made during the installation.

Self-Installation Can Cost You In Materials

Another thing that many homeowners don't think about is the fact that installing siding on their own can cost them significantly more in their material costs than what they would pay for those same materials through a professional siding installation contractor. Most installation contractors can get those materials at a wholesale price, and that cost savings can frequently get passed along to you.

Opting for professional installation can save you from wasting money on retail prices for your new siding. Talk with your siding installation contractor about the prices for the types of siding you're looking for. 

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