3 Crucial Consideration When Planning For Tower Painting

Do you have towers on your commercial or residential property? If yes, keep in mind that these towers are still bound by the same painting and conditioning codes provided by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). For that reason, you must ensure that your towers are adequately inspected, painted, and maintained as per those regulations. This post discusses essential aspects you should know regarding tower condition, painting, and various other vital insights regarding towers on your property.

The Right Places to Inspect Your Tower's Condition

When determining whether you need tower maintenance or repainting, a thorough inspection is mandatory. However, most property owners don't know how to conduct proper tower inspections. This process might be more challenging than most people think. 

Begin by assessing your tower's condition from the ground up. The tower section you'll be inspecting near the ground is less prone to element damage, wear, and tear. As you continue upwards, you'll notice that the higher you go, the more damage and weathering is on the tower's paint coating. That's the reason why it's imperative to conduct an extensive inspection of the entire tower. Note that climbing up the tower can be pretty dangerous, and it'll be better to leave the task to professional tower painting experts.

Possible Signs Your Tower Needs a Fresh Paint Coat 

Any signs of wear, chipping, breaks, fading, among other imperfections, are a possible indication that your tower needs a fresh paint coat. If the outer finish fails, it quickly affects the rest of the paint coat and must be fixed immediately. Other safety fixtures like lighting require inspection too to ensure everything functions properly.

The Current Paint Coat Might Require Removal

If you identify excessive deterioration of the current paint coat, your contractor might need to remove it before applying a fresh coat. The contractors might use sandblasting and other appropriate techniques to create a clean surface for repainting. If they choose the sandblasting method, enquire about the possible environmental impacts and mitigation strategies employed.

The Finished Paint Coat Options

Generally, the FCC clearly defines all tower painting and lighting regulations. There might be few deviations allowed from required colors without prior permitting. However, there are some finishing color options at your disposal. Therefore, it would be wise to consult your contractor concerning available finish options if you want to add an aspect of durability. That's an essential aspect to consider since saltwater and other potential risks might erode your finish without appropriate coating and protection. When planning to paint, inspect, or maintain your commercial or residential towers, these are the top considerations to keep in mind. If it's your first time doing this, consider enlisting a reputable tower painting contractor to avoid making costly mistakes. 

For more information on tower painting, contact a company near you. 

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