Which Type Of Patio Cover Is Right For You?

If you have been considering different types of patio covers, you are not alone. A variety of materials can be used to provide coverage for your patio, whether you want to protect it from rain and snow or hot sun in the summer.

These are some of the materials you might consider as you plan the perfect patio.


Steel patio coverings are a great choice because they can be painted and customized. Plus, you'll benefit from having a cover that is lightweight while still offering excellent protection. If you want to add a more solid roof to your cover, you can attach canvas to the roof. You can switch the canvas to match different color combinations, such as when you buy new patio furniture.


If you want something low-maintenance but still metal, consider an aluminum cover. These covers are well-constructed and can also work with a variety of tops. You can add a canvas cover to the roof or try something in fiberglass. Of course, you can always stick with aluminum to get that tin-roof-in-the-rain ambiance during the wetter months.


If you want to construct a patio cover that looks traditional and natural, wood is a great choice. One of the best reasons to use wood as a patio cover is to ensure that it matches your home and blends in with the surroundings. Plus, wood holds up to the elements and can be painted or altered if you change your home's appearance in the future.

Plus, there is a lot you can add to wood. Some people use lattice panels to provide shade from the sun, but others might want to add a complete roof (with shingles, even) to prevent rain and other elements from destroying patio furniture.

Synthetic Wood

Synthetic wood is another fine choice. If you love natural wood but want something that might require less maintenance, you can check out this option. It will look natural without offering some of the challenges associated with natural wood. You'll be able to customize the appearance and add a full roof to the top for added protection.

Know What Kind of Patio Cover You Want?

If you know what kind of patio cover you are interested in, now is the time to call a professional. A contractor can help you choose the right material for your cover and ensure that your patio has the protection you want. Contact someone like The Patio Cover Guy in your area.

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