3 Ways To Prepare For Your Next Roof Replacement Project

You may want to replace your residential roof if you notice roof leaks, worn flashing, blown shingles, and failing granules. A roof replacement project can be exciting for your family, but it comes with its own share of challenges. Your home will become a working area for a few days or weeks, depending on the size of your house.

If you are not adequately prepared, the project will become a huge inconvenience for you and your household. Here are three ways to prepare for your next roof replacement project.

Plan to Move Out of the House

Like any other construction project, roof replacement is noisy. Even when the work is outside your home, the interior will echo loud noises and bangs from the construction. This noise will be a huge distraction for any activities or work you plan to complete that day. Noise can also scare or cause anxiety to your young kids and pets.

Therefore, you should make arrangements to be out of your home when the roof installation project starts. If you choose to stay and monitor the project's progress, you can arrange to have your pets and family away until the work is done.

Clear Your Attic

If your house has upper storage space or attic, be sure to remove all items that you may have stored there. As the roofers remove the old roof and erect a new one, dust and debris might fall into the attic. In addition, construction materials can easily fall off during the roofing project.

While you don't expect major incidents, dust will become airborne as the roofers hit the roof with hammers and other tools. As a result, it will coat any sensitive items you keep in the attic and even damage some of them. Make sure everything is secure by clearing the attic before the construction work begins.

Clear the Yard and Patio

As roofers remove the old roofing materials, your yard will be messy. Sometimes, debris and old shingles may damage some valuables stored in your yard due to factors beyond the contractor's control. Therefore, you need to relocate your vehicle from its usual parking space to avoid potential damages and accidental scratches.

Also, you should organize your patio before the roof replacement project begins. Ensure you remove patio furniture, grills, kids' toys, lawn ornaments, and potted plants from the patio. If you don't have extra room to store these items, you can place them in a corner far away from the roofers' working area.

When new roof installation begins, your home and yard become a busy and danger-ridden work zone. You need to be well prepared to avoid any potential hazards. Thankfully, these three tips can help ensure that your next roof replacement project is safe and runs smoothly. 

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