5 Steps to Take If There Is a Bullet Hole in Your Roof

If someone accidentally discharges a firearm in your home, you may end up with a hole in the ceiling that goes straight through to the roof. In this situation, you need to revisit firearm safety rules to ensure that this potentially life-threatening mistake never happens again. 

But you also need to take some steps to fix the damage to your home. Here is what you need to do.

1. Fix the ceiling. 

Typically, you can fix the hole in your ceiling with some drywall compound. If the hole is too large to fix with speckle on its own, you may need to put some mesh in the hole. Then, put the spackle on top of that. 

So that it blends with the rest of your ceiling, you may need to spray on texture. Then, apply primer followed by paint. Otherwise, the paint will look lighter in this section than the rest of the ceiling. 

2. Find the hole in the roof. 

The hole in the roof won't be directly above the hole in your ceiling. Depending on the angle of the firearm, the hole may be several feet from the hole in the ceiling.

3. Consider fixing the hole on your own.

If the hole is small, you may be able to repair it on your own. You can use a dowel to plug the hole and then surround it with silicone to make it waterproof. Alternatively, you may want to just patch it with a single and some roofing tar. 

4. Contact a roofing professional.

Ideally, you should let a professional roofer fix the hole. They have the right equipment so that they can get on your roof safely. They can also ensure that the hole is fixed correctly. If you do it yourself, you risk water leaks or damage. 

5. Address the hole promptly.

A hole from a firearm may look a lot smaller on the inside than on the outside. This is especially true if the hole was from a shotgun. The shot spreads as the bullet flies, and this effectively means that the outer hole will be larger than the inner hole. 

Don't ignore this situation. The hole in your ceiling may look nonconsequential, but in most cases, the hole on the roof is probably larger. That large hole can let in moisture that will damage your home. 

You may not see leaks coming into your home, but the rafters will get damaged if water is leaking through a hole in your roof. To get help with holes in your roof, contact a roofing contractor today. 

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