When, Why And How To Replace Damaged Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows can be a valuable addition to any home, and high-quality double pane windows are generally very durable. Unfortunately, no window lasts forever, and a damaged or rotten double pane window should be replaced as soon as possible by professional window replacement services.

Why Should Damaged Double Pane Windows Be Replaces ASAP?

Double pane windows consist of two separate panes of glass held in an extra-wide frame, and the space between the two panes is filled with inert gas (usually argon). This pocket of inert gas, combined with the double thickness of the panes of glass, provides significantly more heat and sound insulation than conventional, single-pane windows.

If the glass, frames, or sealant in your double pane windows becomes damaged, this pocket of inert gas can leak out of the window, dramatically undermining its ability to insulate heat and sound. Damaged double-pane windows will lose their ability to block out unwanted traffic noise and other loud noises, and you may also notice a significant increase in your home's air conditioning and/or heating bills.

In effect, a damaged double pane window costs you money for every day that it isn't replaced. Having it replaced as soon as possible will save you money long-term, as well as restore your home's previous peace and quiet.

How Can I Tell If My Double Pane Windows Are Damaged?

If the glass in your double pane windows has been cracked or shattered, it will obviously need to be replaced. However, the frames of your double pane windows can also be damaged, and the adhesives and sealants that hold the glass in place can degrade over time. Spotting signs of frame or sealant damage can be difficult, but there are a few tell-tale signs to look out for.

First, you should check for visible condensation on the insides of your double pane windows. Condensation on the interior or exterior surfaces of the window glass is quite normal during very hot or cold weather, but condensation in the space between the two panes of glass means air and moisture have gotten into the airtight space, a sure sign of frame damage and/or window sealant failure.

You can also check for air currents entering or exiting your home by feeling for temperature changes around the frames and edges of the glass. If your double pane window has suffered significant damage, it may also fail to open and/or close correctly. This can present a serious security hazard, making rapid replacement even more important.

How Should I Replace Damaged Double Pane Windows?

Removing damaged double pane windows and installing new ones is not a DIY job -- they are more complicated to install than single-pane windows, and any accidental damage can cause inert gas to leak out of your new windows, leaving you back where you started.

You should always have replacement double pane windows fitted by a window replacement service that specializes in handling double pane windows. These services can also recommend the best frame materials for your needs, and most services provide guarantees that will insure you against improper installation or defective window materials.

If you are looking for new replacement windows, contact a professional service near you.

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