4 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Residential EV Charger Station Installation

Individuals who have electronic vehicles often rely on public chargers for their vehicles. There are also individuals who may attempt to use their home sockets, which may produce a charge. However, home outlets are not designed to handle the electrical load of an EV, which means that it will be a slow charging experience. 

Today's homeowners can opt to get EV charging station installations. The following points highlight a few things to keep in mind when exploring this innovative and convenient solution.

Installation Location

Some individuals who are not familiar with residential EV charging stations assume that they must get the stations installed in their garages. If this were true, it would rule out individuals who have homes without a garage attached. 

Homeowners have the flexibility to choose an outdoor charging installation or an indoor installation in their garages. The main thing that determines whether an indoor or outdoor installation can be done is the rating. Some chargers are rated suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Homeowners should check to ensure that the chargers of interest are UL rated for safety. This will reduce the chances of electrical issues arising. It is also best to rely on a professional installation rather than DIY. 

Electricians will know how to assess EV chargers for safety and be able to identify if an electrical system can handle the demands of adding a charger. If not, they can make upgrades such as adding a new circuit breaker to handle the increased electrical load. 


Amperage is abbreviated amp. The higher the amps an EV charger has the faster charge it will supply, which is important for individuals who want the fastest charge. 

Energy Efficiency

Individuals who are shopping for EV charging stations will discover that some models are energy efficient and likely to cost more upfront. However, the extra cost will eventually be worth it because homeowners will save money on their home energy costs. Chargers that are energy efficient will have the EnergyStar logo like many other electronics and appliances that have been proven to consume less energy.

An electrician is a good resource to use to learn more about residential EV charging stations. They can help homeowners compare chargers. EV chargers can last for decades, which makes them a good investment. 

The technology is advancing and as fuel costs continue to rise more and more, consumers are recognizing the benefits of owning electronic vehicles. Individuals who invest in residential chargers may raise their property values as EVs become a popular choice among consumers.

Contact a professional for more information about EV charging station installation

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