Spray Foam Roofing Is Suitable for Nearly Any Commercial Roof

A foam roof is a good choice for a commercial building since it doesn't require a lot of maintenance thanks to the top coating that's applied. A durable roof is important when you store inventory or operate machinery inside your building. A spray foam roof doesn't have seams to allow leaks, and it's easy to repair if it gets punctured. Here are details to know about commercial spray foam roofing.

Foam Roofing Works On All Slopes

It doesn't matter if you have a flat roof or a roof with a steep slope. Commercial spray foam roofing is suitable for all kinds of slopes. The foam can be sprayed on flat surfaces, steep slopes, and average slopes found on commercial buildings. It's also attractive, so you don't have to worry about an ugly roof if your roof has a slope and is easily seen from the street.

It's possible to use the foam on steep slopes because the foam hardens fast. It sprays on as a liquid, turns to foam, and then hardens before the foam has a chance to slide down the roof. As the foam hardens, it bonds to the insulation board or old roof below it so the foam stays in place and becomes a permanent roof.

Foam Roofing Is Suitable For Most Roof Types

Commercial spray foam roofing can be put over nearly any type of old roof, especially roofing commonly used on commercial buildings such as membrane roofs, metal roofing, and asphalt shingles. The issue is whether your roof is suitable for a covering with a foam roof because of moisture problems.

Your roofer won't want to apply the foam so it covers old water damage because your roof would keep rotting under the foam. So, if your roof is heavily damaged due to leaking, a foam roof might not be possible unless all the old materials are removed first.

Weather Conditions Need To Be Compatible

You don't want to wait until winter is near to start the process of getting commercial spray foam roofing. The foam can't be applied in cold weather, so late spring through early fall are the best times to get a foam roof, depending on your local climate.

In addition, the weather has to be dry and the roof has to be dry too. The roofer has to wait for rain and condensation to dry up before proceeding with the installation. This can make installing a spray foam roof a little frustrating when the weather won't cooperate, but waiting for the perfect weather conditions ensures the foam will expand and harden properly so the roof provides the best protection for your building.

To learn more about commercial spray foam roofing, contact a roofing contractor in your area.

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