Myths And Misconceptions About Vinyl Siding

Many homes these days are sided with vinyl siding. If you need to have new siding put on your home, then you may also be considering vinyl as your material of choice. It has lots of advantages, including durability and ease of installation. However, there are some common misconceptions about vinyl that get tossed around and are important to clear up before you make a decision about your new home siding.

Misconception: Vinyl siding will last forever.

You may have heard that if you side your home with vinyl, you will never have to re-side it again. This might be true, but it's a bit of an exaggeration. Vinyl siding is long-lived, but it will not last forever. When properly installed in a mild climate, the highest-quality vinyl can last up to 60 years. In a harsher climate, and when you buy a lower-end product, the lifespan can be closer to 20 years. A good way to get a better idea of how long vinyl siding will last on your home is to look at the warranty period. If a company offers a 30-year warranty on a product, for example, you can count on it lasting at least 30 years. Anything longer than that should be considered a bonus.

Misconception: Vinyl is always fragile.

You may worry about bumping into vinyl and having it crack or chip. This can happen, but it's not something you typically need to worry about until your vinyl is older. New vinyl is pretty flexible and won't break unless it's really put under a lot of immediate force. When the vinyl has been exposed to UV for years on end, it can become brittle, but once it starts breaking that easily, it's usually time to replace it, anyways.

Misconception: Vinyl siding is boring.

If you think vinyl siding is boring, you have probably only seen the smooth, plastic-looking vinyl from yesteryear. These days, vinyl companies are making siding that is decidedly not boring. You can find vinyl with a natural wood texture, vinyl that's made to look like bricks or rocks, and so much more. Look at your options, and you'll likely find one that you love.

With these misconceptions cleared up, you should now be better equipped to shop for vinyl siding. Don't hesitate to ask a vinyl siding installer for more information about the particular brands and lines of siding that they prefer and work with.

For more information, contact a local company, like Wayne Siding & Home Improvements.

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