Choosing The Right Wood Fencing For Your Property

When the time comes to install a fence on your property, you may be looking for a wood fence option. As you start exploring your choices for wood fencing, you will find that there are many different varieties and styles. Choosing the right one means considering your ultimate goals, including not just the aesthetics but also functionality and cost. Here are some of the options that you may consider and guidance to help you decide which one is right for you.

Picket Fence

Wood picket fences are the classic "suburban American family" fence style. These fences are short, usually only a few feet high. Anything higher is a poor fit for a picket fence style, so they aren't ideal solutions for security. If you have a dog that can jump more than a few feet high, they are not ideal for containment, either.

However, for small children and smaller dogs, a picket fence is a great solution for keeping them in the yard and secure. Not only that, but the fence is a decorative addition that creates a barrier without developing an obstruction. 

Panel Fence

Wood panel fencing is ideal for solid barrier fencing. The interlocked vertical wooden boards form solid panels. These fences are usually six feet or taller, creating a solid barrier around your property. If security is a priority, this is an ideal fence option because it provides no visibility from either side. When you have children and pets that you're concerned about, it's ideal for containment as well. You can stain the panels in any shade you wish or paint them for a more complete weather barrier.

Post and Rail Fence

Often represented as the traditional farm pasture fence, wooden post and rail fencing is a great decorative fence option. It leaves too much open space for dogs or children to be secure, but it does create a visible barrier. If you aren't concerned about security or visibility barriers but want a decorative, attractive, and rustic fence for your property, a post and rail fence is a great choice.

These are just a few of the most common options for wood fencing. If you're ready to have a fence installed but aren't sure which style you want, talk with your fence installation contractor about the details. They can help you narrow down the styles that are best suited to your goals, needs, and budget. That way, you're sure to be happy with the fence you buy.

Reach out to a contractor to learn more about wood fences

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