How To Spot Foundation Issues And When To Call A Repair Company

Your home's foundation is, without a doubt, one of the core components of your house. A strong and sturdy foundation ensures that your house remains stable and secure for years to come. However, over time, your foundation may experience issues such as cracks, settling, or shifting, which can lead to serious structural damage. The issue is that a lot of people who do not know what to look for will let these symptoms progress when they could have called a foundation repair company earlier on in the process and saved their house. Here are a few ways to spot foundation issues and advice on when to call a repair company.

Cracks In Walls Or Floors

One of the simplest and easy-to-spot signs of foundation problems is the appearance of cracks in your walls, floors, or ceiling. These cracks can be small or large and can appear either inside or outside of your home. Keep an eye out for any new cracks that appear, especially if they seem to be growing in size. A crack longer than an inch in any direction should warrant an inspection from a foundation repair company, as it can indicate more serious issues with shifting foundations that are starting to really progress.

Difference In Doors Opening And Closing

If you see that your floors, in whichever room, are uneven or that doors in your home no longer close properly, it could be a sign of foundation problems. Uneven floors can be caused by moving or unstable foundations, while doors that don't close properly can be a result of a house settling unevenly into a position it was never designed to be in. That can be catastrophic for your home, as it means that it is in a place where it is not designed to be, and this could potentially put the whole structure at risk, so you definitely should call a foundation repair company.

Sagging Or Uneven Roof

If your roof is sagging or uneven, this could be a sign of foundation issues even though it seems completely unconnected. Just like with your floors, a sagging roof could indicate that the foundation is settling or shifting, which can cause the roof to become unlevel. If one part of your house is slightly higher than the other, this can cause the roof to become unstable as well. If you notice that your roof is sagging, it is essential to have your foundation inspected immediately to prevent further damage. 

To get started, contact a foundation repair company in your area such as Straight Line Construction.

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