New Bathroom Fixtures Make Your Bathroom More Attractive And Modern

When you want to give your bathroom a new look, you may want to put in new fixtures. Bathroom fixtures include things like a toilet, bathtub, sink, and faucets. If your bathroom is old, it may look dated due to the style of vanity and color of toilet you have. You might even have basic chrome faucets you can exchange for luxury faucets that have a more modern appearance. Here's a look at selecting new bathroom fixtures.

Take Careful Measurements Of Your Bathroom

Measuring the space is important, especially if you have a small bathroom. This helps you choose fixtures that fit well without causing crowding. It's also important to note that building codes may affect the positioning of your bathroom fixtures too. For example, there may be codes that state where you can position a toilet in relation to the walls in your bathroom. You'll want to account for the space required by codes when you're sizing and placing new fixtures.

Compare Tub Styles

Bathtubs are available in many styles. You might want one with a luxury appearance to be the focal part of your bathroom. You might want a tub designed for soaking or a walk-in tub for safety. A tub with water jets might be a nice addition if you enjoy the hot tub experience. You might want a sunken tub, a double tub, or a freestanding tub.

Think about how you like to use your tub and match that with the type of tub you buy. Even if you buy a basic tub, a new tub can give your bathroom a fresh look if your old tub is showing its age.

Decide On Shower Placement

Even if you mostly take baths, there are times when you'll want to shower. You might just add a shower to your tub to save space, but if you prefer showers and take them all the time, then a separate shower might be more enjoyable. You can choose modern tile and classic colors to transform your bathroom into a more modern space.

Putting in a separate shower will probably add quite a bit to your renovation costs since you'll need to install plumbing hook-ups too, but the expense is worth it to have a relaxing and appealing space to shower each day.

Choose A Vanity Carefully

The vanity is an important bathroom fixture. These can be so beautiful that they look like works of art. Just don't forget: the vanity gets a lot of use from daily tooth brushing, shaving, and applying cosmetics. You may need a vanity that provides plenty of counter space. If you don't need the counter space, then a pedestal sink might be to your liking since these don't take up much room.

However, you'll lose storage space when you get a pedestal sink. You may prefer a vanity with cabinets and drawers. Your decision will depend on the amount of space you have available in your bathroom.

For more information on bathroom fixtures, contact a contractor in your area.

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